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Geometry: Transformations & Symmetry - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-PC

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Geometry: Transformations & Symmetry - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-PC

FLASH-PC is a top-tier educational resource intentionally designed for 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade teachers. The primary objective is to improve student understanding of key Geometry concepts such as Transformations and Symmetry.

Dual-step Learning Approach:

The textbook employs a two-step learning approach that starts with pre-assessment activities. These enable educators to identify their students' established knowledge levels. Following the pre-assessment, teachers can concentrate on specific areas during the 'Teach the Skill' sessions.

Educational Tools:

This product uniquely uses mathematics tools to help abstract concepts more tangible, thus encouraging active learning—an essential factor in mastering mathematical disciplines such as Geometry.

Dual-language Support:

A key feature of this resource its bilingual capacity: it provides content in both English and Spanish, making it highly valuable in classrooms with diverse language requirements.

  • The teaching material complies fully with national benchmarks.

    The software-like product is a single file designed for easy integration into existing lesson plans or standalone usage in various classroom contexts or homeschooling settings. It’s well-suited for full class instruction, small group workshops or homework assignments.

    In summary, Geometry: Transformations & Symmetry - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-PC perfectly combines efficiency, versatility and comprehensivenessqualities appreciated by diligent educators when picking supplemental teaching resources.

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