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German: Da- & Wo-Compounds with Two-Way Prepositions

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About This Product

German: Da- and Wo-Compounds with Two-Way Prepositions This German grammar lesson teaches students how to use the da- and wo-compounds created with two-way prepositions like an, auf, hinter, in, neben, über, unter, vor, and zwischen. The bundle works best when used alongside the accompanying YouTube video that explains the grammar concept. The bundle includes the video transcript, audio recording, a worksheet for practice, and an answer key. The worksheet has students translate several English sentences into German using the da- and wo-compounds. This lesson is one in a series exploring da- and wo-compounds; see the product page for the full list. To implement this resource, first watch the video lesson together. Then have students work on the worksheet in small groups and check each other's answers using the key. The various components allow you to reinforce the grammar point through reading, listening, writing and speaking.

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