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German Da- and Wo-Compounds: Overview & Rules

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About This Product

In this German grammar lesson, you will learn how and why to use da- and wo-compounds in German. Your students will master words like damit, wofür and darüber in no time. This lesson follows this YouTube video and the materials in this bundle work best, if you view that video first.

The bundle includes a copy of the lesson as both a PDF text file and an MP3 audio file. There is also a worksheet that requires students to rewrite sentences in German to incorporate da- or wo-compounds. You can see examples of this in the images attached to this product listing.

While this lesson is great as an introduction to the da- and wo-compounds in German, it is merely the first in a series of lessons about these words. On my product page you will find the entire series, which includes these lessons:

Da- & Wo-Compounds: Overview & Rules

Da- & Wo-Compounds with Accusative Prepositions

Da- & Wo-Compounds with Dative Prepositions

Da- & Wo-Compounds with Two-Way Prepositions

Recommended lesson plan:

Watch the video as a class and have the students take notes. When the video has ended, ask if there are any questions from the students about how to use these words. Then try a few examples from the worksheet on the board. Have students work in groups or pairs to complete the worksheet. Then have them swap papers with other groups and check their peers' worksheets with the answer key provided.

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