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Giving Directions Reading Cards

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Grade 11, 12





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About This Product

Giving Directions Reading Cards: An ESL Teaching Resource

Crafted specifically for learners in Grades 11 and 12 who are grappling with English as their second language, these reading cards revolve around the concept of decoding informal directions.

Product Specification:

  • The set comprises two differentiated levels - medium and easy - catering to students with varying proficiencies in understanding and interpreting written information.
  • A total of 12 task cards, with an equal split between both levels, enabling teachers to introduce complexity according to each student's pace and capacity.
  • Each card is comprised of a direction-based scenario followed by related questions that intend to assay students' comprehension capabilities.

With this innovative learning tool at hand, educators can guide students towards finding context clues that will aid them in answering different types of questions robustly.

This product provides an interactive platform where students can apprehend the art of following directions while sharpening their language skills simultaneously. It exhibits flexibility pertaining to its use as it can be employed for diverse instructional settings including whole-group instruction, small group sessions or even as homework assignments.

Instructor's Note:

To ensure repeated use across several academic years:

  • Instructors should consider printing these task cards in color before laminating them so that they withstand continual wear and tear from handling by multiple batches of learners.
  • Dry erase pens could be used on these laminated cards permitting corrections or changes as per the need during teaching sessions,

Deploy this adventurous pedagogical resource - Giving Directions Reading Cards- into your teaching arsenal today! Equip your ESL pupils with the ability not only to follow but comprehend day-to-day directions proficiently with this engaging Language Arts activity. Note: Files come in PDF format- ready for quick download & convenient utilization directly after purchase!

What's Included

- 6 levels 1 (medium level) reading task cards

- 6 levels 2 (easy level) reading task cards

- Each task card includes questions to follow from the direction

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