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Global Warming REDUCTION: Lowering Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions - FLASH-PC

Global Warming REDUCTION: Lowering Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions - FLASH-PC
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Global Warming REDUCTION: Lowering Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions - FLASH-PC

An insightful resource that empowers educators in teaching their students a vital aspect of our world's current environmental circumstances. This chapter mini focuses on the understanding of the essential practices to lower greenhouse gas emissions as part of global warming reduction measures. Aligned specifically to Grades 5 to 8, it focuses attention towards environmental science.

This teaching toolbox encompasses:

  • Reading passages
  • Comprehension activities for use both before and after reading
  • Vocabulary flash cards
  • Interactive elements such as video and audio materials.

CATAPULT prepares supplementary printables that can be utilized for either on-site learning sessions such as whole class or small group activities or off-site reinforcements through homework assignments, allowing teachers to tailor-fit instructions based on the students' diverse learning needs and styles.

The inclusion of vocabulary flash cards aids in simplifying complex terms into an approachable lexicon, fostering a higher level understanding while nurturing better information recall ability among students.

Awareness towards global events

In summary, 'Global Warming REDUCTION: Lowering Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions - FLASH-PC', harnesses 21st-century pedagogy; immerses students into valid societal discussions about environmental preservation stimulating not only academic growth but also awareness appreciation towards staying connected with the world's current events. Adherence ardently to Common Core State Standards leveraging Bloom's Taxonomy’s model propelling higher-order thinking skills helps educators design effective instructional strategies appropriating this software-based product onto their lesson plans effectively.


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