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Going Back to School!

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Going Back to School: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource for New Academic Year

Going Back to School is a comprehensive teaching resource designed to maximize the first few weeks of the new school year by helping teachers get acquainted with their students. This resource offers a series of captivating activities and tasks that are simple, yet effective in revealing various facets about students’ interests, personalities, daily routines, and academic goals.

Total Pages & Format:

Comprising a total of 20 pages in PDF format

Modules Include:

  • 'Some Things About Me'
  • 'My School Goals'
  • 'Starting Your School Day'
  • 'After Your School Day'
  • 'Word Association Activities'
  • The intriguingly exciting 'Creative Word Make'
Dual Color Modes:
Each vibrant activity can also be printed in black and white. Tasks Flexibility:
This teaching resource allows for easy integration into varying teaching styles making it suitable for solo work, partner assignments, or small group discussions. Suitable Grades:
An ideal fit for Grades 3 through 6.
A Unique Approach towards Learning!

This ready-to-go teaching tool focuses on enriching student-teacher relationships while fostering an inclusive classroom culture right at outset thereby stimulating proactive learning journeys all year round!

Resource Tags

back to school ice-breaker activities student engagement classroom culture academic goals

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