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Four Corners Ice Breaker Game

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Four Corners Ice Breaker Game


Whether it is the beginning of the year or the middle of the year, you and your classroom will always enjoy ice breaker activities. Ice breakers are usually implemented at the start of the school year. They are a great way to break the uncomfortable silence amongst a classroom full of students who don’t know each other yet. Students are longing to get to know their new classmates, so what better way to make that happen than with an ice breaker activity.



This is a Four Corners Ice Breaker Game that is perfect for back to school or any time of the year. Any time you feel the need to break the ice or get students talking, this is a game they’ll always enjoy. It builds classroom community in the best way.


Included in Four Corners Ice Breaker Game:


Questions can be changed. There are blank slides at the end. This will allow you to create your own questions, answers and images. There are slides that only have a question in the middle, so you or students can come up with 4 options and then proceed. There are slides that have a question and 4 options for students to choose from.


How to Use the Four Corners Ice Breaker Game:


This is a simple game to play! First, you’ll want to designate four corners or areas in your room. For each slide you choose, you’ll read off the question and then describe the 4 options. Students will decide which option best fits them and they’ll migrate to the corner of the room that represents that option. Depending on how much time you have allotted to play the Four Corners Ice Breaker Game, give students a chance to discuss their answers with the classmates who they are standing in the corner with. There is also opportunity to have whole group discussions about some questions; especially those questions that get the entire classroom excited.


I hope you enjoy!!

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