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Gold Rush: History - Hands On

Gold Rush: History - Hands On
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History: USA


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Gold Rush: History - Hands On

Gold Rush: History - Hands On is a hands-on learning resource designed to rejuvenate the study of history for young scholars. Intended for learners at grade 1 through 4 studying Social Studies, especially U.S. History, this detailed PDF boasts of an extensive portfolio of 34 printable pages brimming with engaging content and activities

The Era Of The Gold Rush

This instructive series transports learners right back into the gold rush era, a time where seekers went to great lengths in pursuit of elusive gold deposits. Its distinctive hands-on methodology facilitates students in discovering history from their classroom space.

Not Just A Textbook Study

This material transcends traditional textbook studies by enabling students to literally participate in experiences endured during past eras — adopting a pragmatic approach as opposed to merely reading about them. Students are exposed to the laborious lifestyle of miners while studying about valuable metals like gold.

  • Filled With Fun Elements: The series also includes exciting elements such as role-plays and even a sourdough starter recipe!
  • Bonuses For Teachers: Teachers will find it extremely handy with its offering of background information, reading materials, and additional resources targeted for further exploration.
The Classroom Impact

Educators can leverage this resource flexibly according to their class settings—whether it's collective whole-group lessons or more focused small-group sessions. Perfectly suitable within school hours but also proves highly useful as homework assignments bridging classroom focus areas and engaging home tasks.

Merging Education With Adventure: Unleash Their Curiosity

Inspire your learners with absorbing sessions on the Californian and Alaskan gold rushes. Successfully blend education with adventure stimulating their eagerness to learn more about our historical past. With Gold Rush: History - Hands On at your disposal, transform conventional history lessons into impactful learning experiences that resonate better with younger students contrasting traditional lecture methods!

What's Included

1 PDF with 34 ready to print pages

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