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Green Eggs & Ham Number Sequence Puzzles - Dr Seuss Inspired Activity

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Early Learning, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Green Eggs & Ham Number Sequence Puzzles - Dr Seuss Inspired Activity

The Green Eggs & Ham Number Sequence Puzzles is a versatile teaching resource designed for Early Learning, Grade 1, and Grade 2 students. This product seamlessly combines the charm of Dr. Seuss' with progressive math pedagogy.


  • Five unique designs
  • Diverse counting styles puzzles
  • Vibrant visuals mimicking famous characters from the world of Dr Seuss.

About The Puzzles:

The number sequence puzzles range from:

  1. Straight Sequences (1-10)
  2. Multiplications of twos (2-20)
  3. Multiplications of fives (5-50), and;
  4. tens up to hundred (10-100).
This mixed bag approach offers variety while catering to differing levels of mathematical competence among students.
Flexible Presentation:

All individual number sequence puzzle accompanies every picture in the set. This feature provides educators with plenty of choice in selecting appropriate difficulties for their charges whilst maintaining engagement through colorful imagery.

Beyond Classroom Utility:

This product can be used for large group class activities or smaller groups during Math hours. Additionally, it can serve as homework assignments aimed at encouraging home-based practice or homeschooling setups wherein parents can guide their children during individual study sessions. The document comes as a comprehensive PDF file containing printable pages ensuring sustainable usage over time without any compromise on quality.

This teaching resource improvs numeric abilities and fosters a love for literature due to its Dr Seuss theme, thus blending Math and Reading in a unique manner. The result is not just enjoyable learning, but also contextual - integrating academics with elements from popular children’s literature.

What's Included

A PDF file with 25 printable pages.

Happy Teaching!

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