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Gym Vocabulary - Digital Activities, Word List & Quiz + 4 Flashcard Sets

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About This Product

Get ready! There are a bunch of activities to work out with these gym-related words! This resource includes printable worksheets PLUS two digital activities that are perfect for any educator who wants to teach their students about some everyday gym vocab!


This resource includes the following:

Print & Go!

⭐️ Vocabulary List - Easily present 20 gym-related words.

⭐️ Vocabulary Test - Test all 20 previously taught gym-related words.

⭐️ Flash Cards (2 Levels | Round/Sharp Corners) - Contains a variety of flash cards. Pick the ones that suit your needs!

Digital Activities

⭐️ Wacky Words - Your kiddos will have a blast trying to pronounce these wacky words!

⭐️ Vocabulary Presentation - Easily present all 20 gym-related words to your students.


Who is this for? This set is designed for any teacher who wants their students to learn about the gym in a in a super fun way! From introduction, to practice, to testing. Each component can be found right here!

The best part? You can get your students all excited about these words by starting them off with fun games like Taboo or Memory, using the level 1 flash cards. When they are already somewhat familiar with this set, just move on to Wacky Words to really get the party started! After that just hand them the vocabulary list to study at home, and they’ll be good to go for the vocabulary test!

For any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to email me at:

Wishing you lots of fun with this resource!

What's Included

8 PDF Pages, 60 PDF Slides

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