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About This Product

Halloween Banner: A Unique Resource

This is a unique resource designed for educators looking to add a festive touch to their classrooms during the holiday period. This digital download provides user convenience by allowing the immediate availability of beautiful decorations. Appliable for public school teachers, homeschoolers and Montessori teachers, this banner seeks to enhance the learning environment.

Aesthetics and Dimensions

Made up of pale peach pennants adorned with black letters and dots alongside charming candy corn art, it holds an engaging aesthetic that will no doubt bring added excitement. Each banner spells out HAPPY HALLOWEEN and contains images like:

  • A trick-or-treat ghost,
  • A black cat,
  • A witch's hat,
  • A jack-o-lantern,
  • And Moon.

The dimensions are approximately 5.5 to 6 inches wide and 8 inches long per pennant, making it suitable for both small or large spaces in various configurations depending on your classroom setup.

Beyond Just Decoration: An Unconventional Teaching Aid

The Halloween Banner serves as an unconventional teaching aid promoting discussions about holidays like Halloween with learners of any grade level since it isn't specific to any particular standard. Moreover, this product has multilingual capabilities; there is a clone available in Portuguese adding cultural diversity into lessons introducing international celebrations norms.

This PDF format file enables photocopying of individual pieces tailoring your classroom needs:

  1. From personal student crafts activity assignments at separate homeschool setups OR,
  2. Group use within vibrant classrooms sparking creativity and enhancing topic engagement.
Versatility in its Application:

From celebrating holidays inside classroom settings through visually appealing ambiance enrichment in reading corners, or being part of creative homework assignments enabling students' involvement in active home-based learning experiences, this resource packs a punch.

What's Included

Pennants are approximately 5.5. to 6 6 inches wide and 8 inches long.

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Halloween Classroom decoration Holiday learning Multilingual teaching aid Visual stimulants

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