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HALLOWEEN x1 Pictorial Math Multiplication Flashcards

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About This Product

These are HALLOWEEN x 1 Pictorial Math Multiplication Flashcards

It is a part of a full series of fun flashcard materials for Multiplication 1 - 10 x 1 - 12 CARDS / MATS / POSTERS to use with your students, display during teaching or on your bulletin board, as decor or visual prompts .

  • These come in a smaller size than the A4 individual cards you can also find on WORDS ASIDE .

  • Three versions of the same fact and factors combination are displayed on the same page .


Each page contains THREE ( 3 ) VERSIONS / SETS , as explained below :

  1. FACT NUMBER WITH EMBEDDED FACTOR ( x times to make up the fact ) .

  2. FACT NUMBER WITH THE FACTOR ( x times to make up the fact ) IN A ROW AT THE BOTTOM OF THE MAT .


  • The facts of each factor 1 - 10 have a mutual distinct color for sorting and prompting / cueing reasons .

  • Each version / set of facts, has a different and unique background picture .

  • Useful in your centers and as a flip through laminated book class resource .

  • Useful as pictorial reference / explanation for operations and word problems, for repeated addition, multiplication and division .

  • These make great pins for your bulletin boards during all seasons .

Useful for all elementary school grades, depending on the way you use it ( decoration posters, visual cues resource, work mats, pictorial explanations an more !!!)

13 - page PDF resource with three types of pictorial explanation for multiplication FACTS and FACTORS , for your bulletin boards , your classroom walls , your screens and your custom made task cards and books .

On WORDS ASIDE you can find a great variety ( with colored and black and white versions ) of relevant resources to build on your cognitive skills, literacy, language and communication teaching materials, with many of them suitable for screen display to avoid printing costs and fuss . Also, pdf materials on numeracy, basic math and pictorial / manipulative approach to learning . Enjoy the process and the progress that follows!

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