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Hands-On - Physical Science: Electricity and Magnetism Gr. 1-5

Hands-On - Physical Science: Electricity and Magnetism Gr. 1-5
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

Hands-On - Physical Science: Electricity and Magnetism Gr. 1-5

An engaging teaching tool designed to inspire learners in primary grades 1 through 5 toward a study of physical science, specifically the areas of electricity and magnetism.

About the Resource:

This resource is an excerpt from the comprehensive lesson plan Hands-On - Physical Science. It converges learning elements from Science, Technology, Engineering, Art along with Math (STEAM). This multidisciplinary alignment adheres to Next Generation Science Standards making it relevant for today's educational needs.

Developing Hands-on Experience:

  • The hands-on nature encourages students to experiment with energy forms visibly present in their surroundings. Experiments include understanding balanced vs unbalanced forces by dropping different objects and estimating distances of lightning via thunder sounds.
  • Ingroup activities help students model light waves or sound waves!
  • The magic of static electricity comes alive as students witness a balloon adhered against a wall owing its defiance against gravity to static forces!
  • Tangible concepts such as states of matter are examined closely through their properties letting students distinguish between solids liquids within familiar surroundings at home.
  • Engaging teamwork activities encourages students to combine simple machines into one compound machine promoting collective creativity within them.
Evaluation & Assessment:
  • a structured approach using reading passages before you read exercises along accompanied by graphic organizers for visual comprehension enhancement.
  • A combination that ensures every student can absorb concepts theoretically empirically, leverages hands-on experiments encapsulating full learning potential in diverse classrooms. The resource fits well into even small groups or large classrooms including substantial homework assignments.

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