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Hanukkah Light the Menorah Slide Deck Activity for Distance Learning

An educational teaching resource from My Kind of Crazy entitled Hanukkah Light the Menorah Slide Deck Activity for Distance Learning downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Hanukkah Light the Menorah Slide Deck Activity for Distance Learning

A valuable resource designed for educators teaching Kindergarten, Preschool or Grade 1 classes. It incorporates aspects of technology-enhanced learning practices.

Interactive Slides

The deck begins with an interactive series of slides where students explore the Hanukkah tradition by lighting their own virtual Menorah. As part of its ten-slide array, each slide introduces different facets of Hanukkah while students have fun dragging and dropping the candles on their personal Menorahs. This encourages participatory learning and stimulates cognitive development across pre-K, Kindergarten, First & Second Grade as well as special education learners.

Cheerful Hanukkah Song Video Slide

A unique feature is a video slide featuring a cheerful Hanukkah song. While it appears blurry in the thumbnail display page, it plays in high resolution during lessons creating an auditory and visual experience fitting for young minds.


The resource is not just compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint but also accurately fits Google Slides format making this versatile to meet evolving classroom needs. It works well during whole group instruction sessions or small group discussions. Teachers can blend it within regular classwork or use it as exciting homework assignments imbuing distance learning practices with energy and vigor tapping into festive minds.

  • Holiday centric material broadens potential usage scenarios making it adaptable across multi-disciplinary curricular outlines e.g., history units focusing on Christmas or other international events.
  • Please preview all content before sharing if you teach in sensitive demographics due to celebration variations among cultures.
In summary:
Providing instructors with resources like Hanukkah Light the Menorah Slide Deck Activity plays a crucial role in not just engaging students around global festivities but also encourages to simultaneously learn and play in stop-and-start environments of modern learning platforms.

What's Included

PowerPoint Slide Deck formatted for Google Slides Too

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