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NO PRINT Scare the Crows Articulation - SH Edition for Distance Learning



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About This Product

If your student can produce the correct target phoneme in words, phrases, and sentences, they'll watch the progression of a cornfield, crows start to land, and the building of a scarecrow to scare those crows away! This /ʃ/ edition articulation pack is the articulation packs with visual motivation combined with visual stimuli side by side! While they practice a set of 8 fall-related words per word position of a sound, they will see...

Corn stalks growing in a field (sounds in target single words)

Crows fly into land and perch (target words in phrases)

A scarecrow face built (target words in silly sentences)

...That's 24 total targets per initial, medial, and final position of words! Not to mention, the phrases and sentences are designed to contain multiple words with target sounds.

For a fun, interactive game, students can click on their scarecrow to watch the crows fly away at the end.

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What's Included

This pack contains the following:

8 targets for the initial position of words

8 targets for the medial position of words

8 targets for the final position of words

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