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History Of Rock And Roll Gr. 6-8

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled History Of Rock And Roll Gr. 6-8 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 6, 7



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About This Product

The History Of Rock And Roll Gr. 6-8 - An Engaging Teaching Resource

The History Of Rock And Roll Gr. 6-8 is a comprehensive teaching tool that excites students into exploring the roots and evolution of Rock n' Roll music. Starting with African Tribal music traditions, this resource continues the journey to the modern music styles we enjoy today.

Educational Approach

Unique in its academic design, this educational resource dives deep meticulously taking care of each detail making it very methodical for teachers to use and for students to indulge in.

Interactive Learning

This lesson plan includes varying assignments that make learning practical rather than theoretical encouraging student engagement. Among these innovative exercises are:

  • Songwriting: Writing lyrics for their personal blues song makes learners exercise creativity through song composition.
  • Creative Art: Creating posters inspire visual expression while developing understanding of specific music styles.
  • Narrative Skills: Writing stories for a newspaper based on what they learn strengthens their narrative abilities.
A Well-Informative Lesson Plan

Included in this lesson plan package are detailed teacher and student sections filled with engaging reading material which is comprehensive and well-articulated; variety-packed activities make learning an energetic process; there are also strategically composed crosswords along with easy-to-do word searches all designed to reinforce memory while practicing important keywords; there's also provisioned inclusion of helpful answer keys ensuring all learning objectives are aptly covered..

Ideal For Middle Grade Students

Specially crafted for sixth to eighth-grade learners interested or needing exposure in Art & Music or specifically subfield of Music, this PDF lesson fits well in different sessions under the guided supervision of educators:

  1. Whole Group: Collective sharing stimulates collective learning enjoyed as one unit.
  2. Small Group: Rich discussions arise from differing perspectives initiating deep understanding.
  3. Solo Assignments: Homework enables independent analysis making foundations stronger.

Mixing history, informative discussion, creative expression, and hands-on activities, the History Of Rock And Roll Gr. 6-8 becomes a must-have for any middle-school Music or Arts curriculum.

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