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Holiday Card Calendar Pieces

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Holiday Card Calendar Pieces

This is a versatile and interesting teaching resource for educators. This product caters to students from Grades 3 through 6, making it an apt educational tool for public school teachers and homeschoolers.

Key Features:

  • Holiday Cards: Festive cards that can be added to your classroom calendar. These cards cover different holidays throughout the year, encouraging cultural awareness and anticipation of celebrations.

  • Birthday Cards: Cards designed to celebrate students' special days, fostering a sense of belongingness and boosting morale in the classroom environment.

  • No School' Cards: A special feature emphasizing practical life skills through teachings on how students could spend their free days effectively or make plans during school holidays.

Educational Benefits:

  • Numeracy Skills Development: This product serves as an excellent resource for number-related activities due to its card-based nature, enhancing memorization & retention capabilities in maths in a fun interactive format.

  • Cross-Curricular Use: Apart from being an excellent tool for Holiday focused education sessions it is highly beneficial across varying subjects providing teachers with engaging tools showcasing diverse yearly events - particularly effective during winter-themed sessions or general classroom decor purpose .

    The Holiday Card Calendar Pieces blends visual aesthetics with pedagogical effectiveness – enhancing instruction via positive distraction & promoting cultural sensitivity while supporting subject comprehension & overall knowledge enhancement.


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