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Home & Office Organization: Lists and Printables

Home & Office Organization: Lists and Printables
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About This Product

Home & Office Organization: Lists and Printables

This teaching resource operates on a broader scale with no specific grade restriction. Comprising of a set of 19-slide PowerPoint, it features essential organizational tools.

Key Attributes:
  • An elaborate birthday tracker
  • A special events catalogue
  • A comprehensive view of the weekly schedule

Users can choose to either print these lists for manual record-keeping or opt for digital editing to store electronically.

The Value Proposition:

This resource serves as effective graphic organizers, simplifying data comprehension and retention by laying out information visually. Their versatility allows adoption in both physical classrooms as well as remote learning settings - facilitating educators and students alike.

Tailored Approach:

In addition to conventional onsite classrooms, these templates can be shared for online collaboration wherein students can work in groups; digitizing details onto their copies as an engaging activity.


Ranging beyond traditional core areas into life skills domain, this resource proves adaptable across several subjects making it an asset for homeschooling educators too. Moreover, they simplify coordination during club activities – scheduling meetings to assigning roles – ensuring the smooth conduction of extracurricular ventures.

All in all,
The Home & Office Organization: Lists and Printables is a potent tool designed towards empowering educators from varied backgrounds by fostering organization among their pupils.

What's Included

19-slide editable PowerPoint

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