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"How The Great Age of Exploration Began" - A History Play

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Are you in search of a lively and engaging method to teach your students about the origins of the Great Age of Exploration and the decline of Feudalism in Europe? Look no further! Our entertaining and educational skit from TeachSimple, titled "How The Great Age Of Exploration Began - A History Play," is an inventive digital resource tailor-made to complement any lesson on these captivating historical periods. It's designed with your students' attention and learning experience in mind.

This 2-page Word document includes a light-hearted script suitable for 4-5 students (with one being a narrator) highlighting how towns, trade, and even the Black Death significantly influenced Europe's journey towards exploration. As an interactive teaching aid, it encourages active student participation through performance, discussion, and debriefing.

With just 15 minutes allocated for acting plus an additional 5-10-minute debriefing session (incorporating journaling and Q&A), your class will be effectively immersed in this intriguing historical narrative. We believe that such immersive experiences contribute to more effective learning retention among young learners.

Go ahead! Enhance your collection of digital educational resources with TeachSimple's "How The Great Age Of Exploration Began – A History Play" for more vibrant lessons down the line!

What's Included

2-page Word doc

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