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How to Write a Paragraph: Revising Your Paragraph & Things to Watch for When You Revise - Google Slides Gr. 5-8

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled How to Write a Paragraph: Revising Your Paragraph & Things to Watch for When You Revise - Google Slides Gr. 5-8 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

How to Write a Paragraph: Revising Your Paragraph & Things to Watch for When You Revise - Google Slides Gr. 5-8 is a comprehensive teaching resource designed for grade 5-8 students. This product is equally beneficial for public school teachers and homeschoolers, with its primary focus on enhancing writing skills by breaking down the fundamental elements of writing a paragraph.

This interactive educational tool introduces the chapter "Revising Your Paragraph & Things to Watch For When You Revise" from 'How to Write a Paragraph.' Its main objective is to aid learners in effectively putting their thoughts into clear sentences and coherent paragraphs – an essential literacy skill that builds over time.

  • This resource can be used in various learning settings including whole group discussions, collaborative small group writing sessions or even as individual homework assignments.
  • This material adheres to State Standards and aligns closely with Bloom's Taxonomy guidelines; it serves as a strategic roadmap designed specifically for fostering students' cognitive growth.

Besides theoretical knowledge, this meticulously curated content offers valuable insights into the nuances of revising written work—an important facet of becoming proficient writers.

A notable feature of this product:
  • Digitalized on Google Slides that permits remote education capabilities – proves particularly beneficial during distance learning situations. It includes 25 interactive slides infused with reading passages, comprehension questions, engaging drag-and-drop activities where students can answer directly on their device then send back exercises for marking.
Included essentials:
  • A step-by-step guide exclusively devised for educators detailing how they can efficiently utilize Google Slides within their classrooms hence augmenting user-friendly experiences.
  • An Answer Key that corresponds impeccably with the set tasks within the Google Slide document—facilitating seamless grading opportunities.

Important note: Ideally, teachers should have access to 'Google Classroom' along with Google Slides for maximizing the resource's potential.

This flagship teaching aid primarily focuses on the elements of writing and is part of Language Arts. It comes in a PDF file format and can be accessed directly via Google Classroom. A single purchase opens up a rich trove of learning merging technology, innovation, and education to revolutionize the learning experience for grades 5 to 8.

What's Included

1 Google slides link with 25 interactive slides

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