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How to Write an Essay: What is an Essay? & Prewriting and Graphic Organizers - Google Slides Gr. 5-8

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

How to Write an Essay: What is an Essay? & Prewriting and Graphic Organizers - Google Slides Gr. 5-8

A diverse teaching resource designed for educators seeking to improve their students' understanding of essay writing, focusing on Language Arts and Writing. This extensive resource helps facilitate comprehensive expression among students in grades 5 through 8.

Key Features:

  • This product addresses foundational knowledge such as what an essay is, progressing into the utilization of graphic organizers during prewriting.
  • The process has been broken down into easily understood steps, removing any apprehension related to structuring thoughts in a defined form.

This resource offers interactivity via Google Slides, lending itself seamlessly for online classrooms— making it ideal for remote learning scenarios due to its compatibility with platforms like Google Classroom.

Included within are:

  • Reading passages fitting various grade levels, followed by comprehension questions intended to reinforce student understanding along with drag-and-drop activities aimed at encouraging concept engagement.
  • All content aligns with State Standards while incorporating Bloom's Taxonomy ensuring that it meets quality educational standards.

The teaching resource provides much more than just lessons—it offers tools like start-up manuals plus teacher guides on usage optimization along with answer keys corresponding within the slides; saving precious preparation time for educators while enhancing communication between teachers and learners.

The package comprises:

  1. A Google Slides link accompanied by 24 interactive slides ready-to-use or tweak based off individual lesson plans.
    You can use it for whole-group instruction, divide it up for small group discussions or even assign sections as homework tasks – this teaching aid is ready-to-adapt depending on unique instructional needs or student capabilities.

All these features make this product an advantageous addition to educators' repositories, aiming to improve students' essay writing capabilities and overall Language Arts skills.

What's Included

1 Google Slides link with 24 interactive slides

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