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I Can Be Flexible! Social Skills Story and Activities For K-2nd

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About This Product

Stories are a great way to teach children who are struggling to learn a specific social skill. Social stories work by breaking down information into small, manageable parts. These stories teach children what they should do or not do, in a specific social situation.

This Social Skills Story & Activity resource is intended to help those who have a difficult time being Flexible. The story helps children who get stuck in their own way of Rigid Thinking and have a difficult time understanding why they should be Flexible Thinkers.

Read frequently and reinforce real life examples of children (and adults) being flexible and how it made others feel.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 61 Pages

Story: Color Story, Great For Classroom Use. Choose your cover to help individualize to your reader. Boy only/ Girl only/ or Group

*Page 4: Choose matching page...Boy/ Girl/ or Group

*End Page: Choose matching page...Boy/ Girl or Group

Skill Builder Activity 1: Strategies & Plan

Skill Builder Activity 2: A Time When I Was Flexible {Draw & Write}

Skill Builder Activity 3: Was It Flexible {Scenario Cards & Check List}

Coloring Book Companion: Story In Black & White Story, Great To Have Students Color Along While Reading and/or To Send Home For Generalization}

Animated PowerPoint Story: Great for Distance Learning! Kids love to click through the slides to see the animations. Helpful for students to read at their own pace. Includes skill builder activities, one is self checking.

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