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I Hate Horrible Hairy Spiders. Write The Story. (7-11 years)

I Hate Horrible Hairy Spiders. Write The Story. (7-11 years)
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product


I Hate Horrible Hairy Spiders. Write The Story. (7-11 years) is a versatile educational resource, specifically designed for children in grades 2 to 7. It provides an interactive platform for cultivating creativity in a structured manner while focusing on improving writing skills through the exciting theme of 'horrible, hairy spiders.'

Layout and Content

The resource is presented in a visually appealing magazine-style layout starting with engrossing reading texts about spiders. This is followed by series of stimulating tasks like:

  • Drawing upon comprehension skills to conclude spider tales
  • Crafting stories based on additional prompts about crocodiles or alligators


The goal here is not simply reading the given texts but to apply keen understanding skills for formulating authentic and well-rounded stories consisting of a beginning, middle, and end.

A Focus on Technical Writing Skills

Beyond fostering creativity and confidence in fledgling writers, this pack serves as an excellent tool for instructing essential elements of technical writing such as:

  • The use of simple, compound, and complex sentences
  • Grammar tips
  • Punctuation practices

Vocabulary Building:

An added focal point includes vocabulary enhancement exercises.


The digital PDF format allows it to be utilized across several teaching settings—from group classes to individualized homework assignments. Most importantly, besides assisting regular students preparing for exams—it has proven equally useful when working with special needs children or those learning English as their second language.

What's Included

4 pages

Resource Tags

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