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Initial Consonant Blends & Consonant Digraphs: An Alien Visits

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About This Product

Initial Consonant Blends & Consonant Digraphs: An Alien Visits - An Impressive Phonetic Teaching Resource

This cleverly designed teaching tool is ideal for educators in public schools, homeschoolers, and even parents. It simplifies the challenging task of teaching initial consonant blends and consonant digraphs to their students.

The learning material revolves around an engaging character, an alien named Zoggy, turning storytelling into an effective medium for learning. Supported by Zoggy's computing skills - adept at resolving any issues; children receive foundational phonetic knowledge through interactive stories and tasks.

Versatility of Use

  • Applicable in whole group classroom sessions led by teachers.
  • Suitable for small group discussions guided by homeschooling educators.
  • Effective as homework assignment material reinforcing phonics study outside the school environment.

In addition to promoting reading practices through interactive narratives featuring our friendly extraterrestrial wizard Zoggy, it houses a structured spelling scheme dubbed ‘Mission Spelling Zero. This consists of seven progressive levels reflecting all colors of the rainbow; enabling steady development of reading abilities along with spelling expertise growth.

Specially Curated Booklets

In complementing its phonetics-centric educational approach, Initial Consonant Blends & Consonant Digraphs: An Alien Visits bundle also includes uniquely prepared booklets containing writing practice exercises. These resources facilitate learners' mastery over handwriting skills besides crafting grammatically sound sentences - enhancing overall literacy development while keeping it fun.

The package comprises 35 instructive pages aimed primarily at beginners - from early learners to grade 1 students. Available as a digital download in PDF format, it helps consolidate strong foundational skills to support learners' future educational journeys.

What's Included

35 pages

Resource Tags

phonetics reading skills storytelling spelling proficiency writing practice

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