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Inspirational Women Reading Bundle: Empowering Comprehension Lessons on Lady Gaga, Lucy Liu, and Mae Jemison

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About This Product

Introduce your high school students or advanced (B2/C1) ESL learners to a series of Inspirational Women Reading Comprehension worksheets, showcasing the incredible achievements and impact of three remarkable women: Lady Gaga, Lucy Liu, and Mae Jemison. These engaging and educational lessons not only build students' reading comprehension, vocabulary, and speaking skills, but also inspire them with empowering stories from diverse backgrounds.

The Inspirational Women Reading Comprehension Bundle includes:

Lady Gaga Reading Comprehension: Explore the life and accomplishments of pop star, celebrity, and actor Lady Gaga. This lesson features a pre-reading discussion, Youtube-based activity, true/false reading comprehension questions, vocabulary building activity, discussion/speaking activity, paraphrasing & summarizing writing activity, and a full lesson plan.

Lucy Liu Reading Comprehension: Introduce your students to Asian-American actress, producer, artist, and human rights campaigner Lucy Liu. This lesson includes pre-reading discussion questions, skimming & scanning reading activities, a lesson plan, vocabulary review, reading comprehension check, and post-task speaking activities.

Mae Jemison Reading Comprehension: Teach your students about the first Black woman in space, Mae Jemison. This lesson comes with a pre-task discussion, links to Youtube clips for linked activities, skimming and scanning reading activities, a full lesson plan, vocabulary review, comprehension check, and a post-reading discussion or debate activity.

With the Inspirational Women Reading Comprehension Bundle, you'll receive captivating, high-quality reading materials and comprehensive lesson plans that require no preparation. Each lesson can be covered in 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the students' level. Ignite your students' interest in the achievements of these extraordinary women while improving their language skills. Don't miss this opportunity to inspire and educate your students with these empowering stories!

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What's Included

3 High-quality Reading Comprehension Worksheets featuring:

Lady Gaga - Pop star, celebrity, and actor

Lucy Liu - Asian-American actress, producer, artist, and human rights campaigner

Mae Jemison - The first African-American woman in space

Engaging Activities for each lesson, including:

Pre-reading discussion questions

Skimming and scanning exercises

Vocabulary building activities

Reading comprehension checks

Post-reading discussions and debates

YouTube-based activities (for Lady Gaga lesson)

Paraphrasing and summarizing writing activities (for Lady Gaga lesson)

FULL LESSON PLANS for each reading, saving you time on preparation and providing clear guidance through each stage.

This comprehensive bundle offers a variety of materials to inspire and engage your students while building their reading, speaking, and vocabulary skills. Perfect for English or high intermediate/advanced ESL classes, the "Inspirational Women Reading Comprehension" bundle is an invaluable resource for educators looking to teach about these remarkable women.

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