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Interactive Digital Math Game: Subtracting Mixed Numbers

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Interactive Digital Math Game: Subtracting Mixed Numbers

This is an engaging resource for teachers looking to enrich their math curriculum. This game excels at simplifying the complex topic of subtracting mixed numbers with diverse denominators.

Gaming and Learning Fusion

This digital game weaves necessary practice into an enjoyable gaming experience. Students will solve questions on subtracting mixed numbers and see their progress as they fill a virtual gumball machine with correct answers.

The Convenience for Teachers

  • No preparation needed from teachers, just copy and assign the game link via Google Classrooms.
  • Saves valuable instruction time for educators.


This program operates in a self-corrective manner, giving immediate feedback to students on their performance, thereby ingraining accurate mathematical methods in learners' minds completely.

Versatility & Wide Ranging Application

  1. A useful addition to whole group instruction sessions
  2. An independent work assignment or center activity

Note: Fits conveniently around your standard teaching arrangements!

Distribution Format & Grades Covered:

The subtraction tool features 58 printable pages available in PDF format supplemented by a digital version compatible with Google Slides Game,, covering content for grades 3 through 5 within a flexible delivery package that makes lessons easy to manage yet immersive. In summary, this game ensures teachers have access to a fun-filled learning platform where students can improve their subtraction skills while also enhancing interest in mathematics.

What's Included

58 printable pages in PDF Format and a Digital Google Slides Game

Resource Tags

interactive game math practice subtracting mixed numbers digital learning self-corrective

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