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Adding + Subtracting Fractions & Mixed Numbers Task Cards

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About This Product

Adding and Subtracting Fractions & Mixed Numbers Task Cards

The Adding and Subtracting Fractions & Mixed Numbers Task Cards represent a valuable resource for educators supporting Grade 4 Math curriculum requirements. As a multifaceted teaching tool, this set of 24 task cards encourages students to engage in hands-on learning while honing their mathematical skills.

Focused Design For Better Learning

All of these task cards have been designed with the complexity of fractions in mind, thus enhancing students' capacities to understand and apply principles associated with adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.

Ease Of Printing

The entire card set is printable on demand, and can be printed either in full color or black & white according to individual preference or resources. Each page prints four cards for increased printing efficiency.

Diversity In Teaching Models
  • Cards can be utilized across whole group settings—perfect for interactive whiteboard activities or math corners.
  • Cards work equally well within smaller student group activities promoting collaborative learning experiences.
  • Cards can also make great homework assignments serving reinforcement of classroom-taught concepts.
Detailed Activities And Record Keeping

The activity cards challenge students, boost confidence through practice and repetition, coupled with recording sheets that promote accountability by tracking progress over time.

Included Answer Key For Assessments

The inclusion of an answer key facilitates quick formative assessments - vital when grading pupils' work or offering self-check capabilities. It aims at developing self-directed learners practicing personal responsibility toward their learning journey.

Packaging Into A Straightforward PDF File

Essentially packaged into a straightforward 14-page PDF file rendering printing hassle-free, this resource provides an excellent addition to any educator's toolkit navigating Grade 4 Math instruction related specifically to understanding Fractional constructs.

What's Included

14-page PDF

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Fractions Mixed Numbers Task Cards Adding Subtracting adding and substracting fractions

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