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Internet Safety Interactive Listening Activity

Internet Safety Interactive Listening Activity
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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Internet Safety Interactive Listening Activity

This is a comprehensive teaching resource that supports English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, focusing on internet safety. It cultivates practical language skills in third to fifth-grade students or ESL adults at low intermediate to intermediate levels.

Engaging Video Content

The core of the resource is an engaging news story video from the BTN website(link provided within the product). These authentic materials can significantly enhance language proficiency while also promoting student comprehension of online security.

Listening Activity Pack

A significant part of this activity pack includes structured notes guiding learners' understanding of the video content.

  • Vocabulary Skills:

A dedicated vocabulary section rich with targeted words and expressions drawn from Internet Safety Theme enhances learners' ability to discuss and write about digital safety effectively.

  • Interactive Partner Discussion:
An interactive partner discussing module opens up channels for collaborative learning and peer feedback.
  • Comprehension Tasks:
Comprehension tasks are aimed at assessing whether learners have understood key points after watching the news video.
  • Honing Writing Skills:
Writing abilities form another large part of this teaching resource package; successful language acquisition tie-ins hand-in-hand with not just speech but written capabilities as well.
In Summary This all-rounded teaching resource span several areas in effective language mastery - contextualized practice, active participation, listening activities, vocabulary building, peer discussions, comprehension checks and writing exercises- be it for whole class instruction or smaller discussion groups or even homework assignments.

What's Included

It includes:

- Listening notes.

- Vocabulary.

- Partner discussion.

- Comprehension.

- Writing.

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