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Introducing Shakespeare's World - Group Project

Introducing Shakespeare's World - Group Project
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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

Introducing Shakespeare's World - Group Project, a Teaching Resource

The teaching resource, Introducing Shakespeare's World - Group Project, is a comprehensive tool that allows students to delve deep into the numerous elements of Shakespeare's world. It targets students from grade levels 7 through 12 and is particularly suitable for the subject of Language Arts. It channels its primary focus towards the subsubject of Literature.

This resource creates an engaging environment for students to learn about Shakespeare’s influences by isolating different aspects such as social and political issues, fashion, arts and entertainment, Queen Elizabeth I, social classes and more. The structure of this approach culminates in a class presentation where they can showcase their work visually (subject to teacher approval), further enabling them to understand and appreciate Shakespeare’s world contextually.

Potential Uses in Classroom Settings

  • Whole classroom activities.
  • Group work based on smaller segments of students divided according to learning styles or strengths.
  • Hallmark homework assignments due to its flexibility in application methods.

Included Materials In This Kit

  1. A student handout designed with sections denoting various topics for group interaction.
  2. \
  3. A 'notes sheet' promoting active listening among peers during presentations contributing toward collective knowledge development.
  4. An inclusive rubric available which provides clear guidelines on various parameters being graded simplifying assessment process both from participant performance assessment and teacher grading perspective.

An addition worthy mention for educators utilizing this resource would be its user-friendly layout available in PDF file format thereby making it an ideal tool while introducing learners into the vast world that greatly influenced one of history's most famous literary figures - William Shakespeare.

What's Included

This product includes a teacher guide, a student handout, a notes sheet students can fill out while watching presentations, as well as a rubric.

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