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Who Said It: Shakespeare or...? Classroom Card Game

Who Said It: Shakespeare or...? Classroom Card Game
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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

Who Said It: Shakespeare or...? Classroom Card Game

This innovative teaching resource is specially designed for educators who wish to immerse students in the fascinating world of language arts. Primarily focusing on the enduring words of English playwright, William Shakespeare, it offers an exciting method to study literature. Crafted for Grades 8 through 12, this classroom card game bridges classical and contemporary communication.

The primary objective? Sparking pupils’ interest in Shakespeare's unique use of language while drawing direct comparisons with modern pop culture references.

An Engaging Learning Resource

  • A Fun Educational Tool : Use the game to enrich your language arts curriculum or as a point of discussion.
  • Play-based Learning : Group activities significantly enhance learning outcomes and foster critical thinking.
  • Informed Choices : Move from guesswork based on intuition towards informed answers backed by knowledge indicating active learning.

A Twist to Routine Assignments

  • Perfect for small study groups & homework assignments that focus on engagement over humdrum drilling techniques. Think bite-sized trivia loaded with vital lessons!

Dare we say this is more than a quick filler exercise—it offers hours loaded with linguistic explorations.

The Gameplay Process

Your task starts by presenting 'Who said it: Shakespeare or...?', followed by a quote which needs correct attribution. Students then deduce if they think William Shakespeare himself, or famous individuals like Batman, Justin Bieber,Tupac Shakur, Taylor Swift among others, made the remark; thus linking Bard’s England with today’s global milieu.

Note: This tool’s digital PDF format ensures it's easily printed and always game ready. Growth in appreciation for how words transcend the centuries is an expected outcome! Shakespeare or...? It's up to them to decide!

What's Included

Currently, this game includes quotes from the following:

Shakespeare (obviously)


Taylor Swift


Justin Bieber


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