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Is It Polite or Not Quite...? Perspective Taking Activities



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About This Product

Some children struggle to understand and engage in appropriate social behavior. They benefit from explicit teaching to better understand what things we should or should not, do or say.

This packet includes 3 fun and interactive perspective taking activities that teach children to consider how their behavior affects others around them. These activities focus on teaching children how to be polite, vs. impolite ("polite or not quite right"). 

I find that these activities are great for children with social learning challenges AND for all children developing social awareness. Kids really enjoy doing these fun and interactive activities!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 54 Pages

Suggestions For Use/Activity Directions Page

Vocabulary Page

Activity 1

18 Scenario Cards,

4 Color Activity Charts {great for small groups, print more if needed}

1 Black and White Activity Chart {great for writing in your own responses}

36 Response Cards {18 polite, 18 not quite}

Activity 2

24 "Were You Polite?" Activity Cards

2 Color Activity Charts {easy version}

2 Color Activity Charts {harder version}

2 Black/White Activity Charts {easy version}

2 Black/White Activity Charts {harder version}

Activity 3

18 "Think It" Cards

18 "Say It" Cards

6 Thought Bubble/Speech Bubble Activity Boards


3 Editable Pages


3 Posters; Polite, Not Quite, Lying

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