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Is It Polite or Not Quite...? Perspective Taking Activities

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About This Product

Is It Polite or Not Quite...? Perspective Taking Activities

The "Is It Polite or Not Quite...? Perspective Taking Activities" is a teaching resource that provides three distinct activities targeted at helping children understand, engage in and develop appropriate social behavior. It is specifically formatted to support children who may struggle with understanding the effects of their behavior on others.

Designed for kindergarteners through to fifth graders, this toolkit expands learning beyond traditional curriculum subjects and delves into life skills. With its core focus on politeness versus rudeness, or as it's playfully phrased, "polite or not quite right", the activities guide students towards becoming more cued into their social environment.

A Variety of Materials

This pack boasts 54 pages made up of a broad range of materials specifically designed for easy adaptability in different settings and learning dynamics. There are activity charts both in color and black-and-white versions perfect for whole group discussions or smaller group sessions. The black-and-white version also offers teachers an opportunity to customize responses as per their classroom dynamics.

  • Included within are 18 scenario card:s which can serve as conversation starters whether in classrooms or homes. These scenarios help build student confidence while understanding situations that call for polite responses versus those where they might be perceived as being impolite.
  • "Were You Polite?" activity cards: designed with two levels of difficulty—easy and harder versions—that aim at enhancing comprehension rates among all learners depending on their readiness levels.
  • 'Think It' Cards & 'Say It' Cards alongside Thought Bubble/Speech Bubble Activity boards:An innovative approach that aids kids in associating spoken words with corresponding thoughts constructively.

Editable Pages For Customization

Furthermore, this pack contains editable pages allowing educators to customize tasks based on specific learning needs opening avenues not just for tailored lesson plans but customized homework assignments too.

Visually Appealing Posters

To augment the lessons conveyed through these innovative tools, there are also visually appealing posters provided which encapsulate the essence- Polite, Not Quite and Lying. It is indeed a resourceful toolkit designed for developing social awareness felicitously among youngsters while making learning fun!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 54 Pages

Suggestions For Use/Activity Directions Page

Vocabulary Page

Activity 1

18 Scenario Cards,

4 Color Activity Charts {great for small groups, print more if needed}

1 Black and White Activity Chart {great for writing in your own responses}

36 Response Cards {18 polite, 18 not quite}

Activity 2

24 "Were You Polite?" Activity Cards

2 Color Activity Charts {easy version}

2 Color Activity Charts {harder version}

2 Black/White Activity Charts {easy version}

2 Black/White Activity Charts {harder version}

Activity 3

18 "Think It" Cards

18 "Say It" Cards

6 Thought Bubble/Speech Bubble Activity Boards


3 Editable Pages


3 Posters; Polite, Not Quite, Lying

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