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It's Fun To Write A Diary About What I Did During School Holidays (6-9 years)

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About This Product

It's Fun To Write A Diary About What I Did During School Holidays

A blend of creative education and fun, this package invites young learners to enrich their writing skills through personal experiences. It is themed around diary entries during school holidays and encourages students to emulate the character Ellie Mae.

Main Features:
  • Three extracts from Ellie Mae's lively diary detailing her half term break adventures.
  • Prompts on each page assisting children in forming narrative structures.
  • Cultivating emotional intelligence through expression of feelings in writing.

This engaging resource serves a dual purpose: fostering independent thought while progressively developing writing skills. The elements of grammar are subtly introduced such as correct tense usage; predominantly present tense, relevant to context for forging deeper learning.

Exciting Layers:
  1. Daily, weekly or special occasion engagement leading towards a treasure trove—a journal filled with growth mapping over time!
  2. Suitable for Grade 1 to Grade 4 classrooms especially for Language Arts – Writing sessions.

This tool lends itself comfortably whether applied during whole group discussions where shared experiences can be vivified on paper together or individualized work best suited for homework assignments letting children introspect silently before expressing themselves meaningfully onto worksheets!

Digital Delivery:

The PDF file-type resource conveniently lands into your Google Drive post purchase making it extremely handy within your Google Classroom ecosystem. It also allows iterative editing based on skill progression catering specifically to your students' needs thereby creating differentiated learning experiences.

Final Note:

"It's Fun To Write A Diary" resource skillfully bridges the gap between experiential personal narratives and valuable language arts development equipping young learners to emerge as confident communicators excited about expressing themselves through writing!

What's Included

14 pages

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