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It's Fun To Write A Diary About What I Did During School Holidays (6-9 years)

It's Fun To Write A Diary About What I Did During School Holidays (6-9 years)
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About This Product

It's Fun To Write A Diary About Half Term Or School Vacation

This pack includes three extracts from Ellie Mae's diary about half term and then gives the child the opportunity to complete the pages, using the prompts and recording their own ideas about the half term holiday. The child is encouraged to give facts and opinions, saying how they felt and why.

This series of lively work packs encourages children of 6-9 years to record their personal experiences in a diary. This will enable the child to practice their writing skills independently and to express their ideas freely. It will encourage them to write in more detail.

A diary is usually written in present tense. It is an informal piece of writing and may contain some colloquial English.

Diaries are fun to write and to re-read later. Older children will enjoy re-reading their old 'news' books, years and years later.

Encourage the child to write a diary everyday, once a week or just at special times, such as, Christmas or in the summer holidays, in the form of a journal.

What's Included

14 pages

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