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It's Fun To Write A Diary About My Daily Life (6-9 years)

It's Fun To Write A Diary About My Daily Life (6-9 years)
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

'It's Fun To Write A Diary About My Daily Life (6-9 years): A Teaching Resource'

'It's Fun To Write A Diary About My Daily Life (6-9 years)' is a stimulating teaching resource designed to spark creativity and develop writing skills in 6 to 9-year-olds. The digital pack serves as an authentic model for students to read, learn from and emulate.

Alluring Attributes:

  • An example of a real child's diary by a seven-year-old named Ellie Mae.
  • Prompts allowing children the creative freedom and space they need.

Students are invited to fill out the pages after reading examples, using prompts which encourage them to detail their daily activities such as information about their school or weekend events.


  • Boosts students' writing abilities.
  • Aids in articulating their perspectives candidly.
  • Fosters enhanced expression as children delve into more profound description levels over time.

This vital instructional resource sports an informal style with current tense usage sprinkled with colloquial English, encouraging consistent language use without overwhelming young learners.

The incidental reward of recording diary entries comes later when older children revisit their entries - nostalgia adds an element of fun while evoking vivid memories highlighted in those 'news' books written years ago!


  1. Educators can implement it within whole group instruction or smaller-focused groups based on ability levels.
  2. This pack can also double up as engaging homework assignments improving parental involvement too!
Suggestions for Usage:

The frequency at which diary entries are made could either be daily or weekly, giving students a sense of importance and decision-making. These could even serve as cherished keepsakes for special occasions like Christmas or summer holidays!

To Sum Up

This resource, packed into an easy-to-use PDF file, will seamlessly blend into your existing Language Arts curriculum. The effort to incorporate 'It's Fun To Write A Diary About My Daily Life (6-9 years)' will be worth it when you witness your students discover their narrative talents!

What's Included

20 pages

Resource Tags

writing skills creativity diary daily life expression

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