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It's Spring! Kindergarten Math & Literacy Center: Opposites

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About This Product

It's Spring! Kindergarten Math & Literacy Center: Opposites

A unique teaching resource tailored specifically for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Early Learning grades. It expertly combines elements of both maths and language arts into an interesting mix of activities.

Theme-Based Learning

The learning material is themed around springtime. It explores opposites within weights and heights - heavy versus light, tall versus short-, providing students with a physical perspective on comparative measurements.

Versatility and Applicability

This robust resource can be applied across different settings including morning work or homework assignments. With the inclusion of 2 worksheets provided in PDF format, it can also be used for extended project work over several sessions.

  • Ten Frames: Reinforces number skills.
  • Addition tasks: Strengthens basic mathematical calculations.
Crafted with Common Core standards at heart:

Ensures the teaching aid aligns seamlessly with educational requirements while engaging young learners.
  • Moves beyond concept introduction:
  • Learners are encouraged to apply their knowledge creatively by identifying and comparing opposites.
  • Premium content delivered promptly:
  • An easily downloadable PDF ebook format minimizes prep time for teachers. The innovative use of seasonal themes makes this product a great addition to any preschool or kindergarten teacher's treasury of resources. Each interaction fosters a rewarding experience that nurtures children’s love for learning.

What's Included

5 pages in PDF format with 2 worksheets

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Springtime Math Literacy Opposites Common Core Seasonal

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