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January Door Set: Chillin' with My Gnomies

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About This Product

January Door Set: Chillin' with My Gnomies

January Door Set: Chillin' with My Gnomies is a captivating teaching resource designed to transform classrooms into a festive winter wonderland. Combining fun and education, it serves as an imaginative tool for both public school educators and homeschooling parents.

Diverse and Customizable Gnome Cutouts

  • Variety of gnome sizes, perfect for decorating doors or scattered around the classroom.
  • Create unique displays with adjustable color schemes.
  • Availability of colored version letters as well as black & white outlines - conserve paper while maintaining aesthetic appeal!

Two User-friendly File Formats

The resource comes in PDF and PNG formats, making it compatible with different cutting machines. The editable files ensure an interactive learning experience by:

  • Add personal touches like student names or holiday sayings.
  • Potentially using these gnomes during virtual classes to create engaging backdrops.

Ideas for Pedagogical Applications

  • Gnomes can be used as visual prompts for creative writing assignments.
  • Incorporate gnome design group projects to help emphasize creativity and communication skills.
  • "Chillin' with My Gnomies" is not grade-specific, fostering child-centric holistic approaches in learning scenarios.

Including optional ice shapes and snowflakes expands its educational possibilities even further :

  1. Eg: Discuss natural phenomena related to freezing temperatures or use snowflakes in counting exercises!
In Conclusion:
January Door Set: Chillin' with My Gnomies, with its enjoyable and adaptable approach, reimagines classrooms into exploratory spaces of wonder - a perfect learning backdrop for the chilly winter months.

What's Included

letters are black and white outlines (you choose the colors you want)

colored version of letters is included in case you don't want to shuffle through your dwindling paper supply

files are saved in PDF and PNG format to make easier to use with a cutting machine

large gnomes (come in color and parts to piece together)

various size gnomes

editable PPT

optional ice and snowflakes

can be used as a distance learning or home school backdrop

can be used as a bulletin board or hallway display

homeschool or distance learning backdrop

**I simply used the pre-colored slides to complete this door, but you can choose any colors you want**

If you're familiar with my other products, please note: These resources are larger in scale and therefore do not include the poster option

Thank you for stopping by!

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