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January Winter Theme Calendar Pieces

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Introducing the January Winter Theme Calendar Pieces

An effective teaching resource tailored for educators including public school teachers and homeschoolers offering a wonderful way to bring the spirit of winter into your classroom.

Calendar Numbers

The set includes vibrantly themed calendar numbers from 1-31. These are perfect to be used in pocket chart calendars or number activities. They follow an ABCD pattern stimulating visual interest for students.

Inclusive Labels & Year Cards

  • Matching labels for April: Each label aesthetically matches the thematic elements of each day or event.

  • Year cards available from 2022-2030: Provides broader temporal context.

Celebrating Holidays & Events

This product goes beyond just showing dates and months. It commemorates special days and holidays such as New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day, National Penguin Day, and Lego Day - giving an educational twist by offering informational details about significant cultural events throughout the month.

Birthday & No School Cards Included!

  • Celebrate your student birthdays with customizable birthday cards designed specifically for January!

  • 'No School' cards mark school breaks accurately on your classroom calendar.

Maintains a foothold in both enhancing classroom decor catching seasonal essence also doubling up as a learning resource about wintertime phenomena.

Suitably tailored for 3rd through 6th grade level students, this product abides by standards of quality education-centered graphics resources today.

The file is provided in PFD format, ensuring maximum device compatibility; you need only download - print - prepare! Plan effectively while enriching your class's understanding of time management concepts using these winter-themed Calendar Pieces! Share how you utilize them to create an invigorating winter experience!

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