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Jolly Old St. Nicholas Animated Song

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Jolly Old St. Nicholas Animated Song downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product


The Jolly Old St. Nicholas Animated Song is a dynamic teaching resource optimized for Early Learning, Kindergarten, and Grade 1. Specializing in the subject of Holidays with an emphasis on Christmas.


This resource combines instruction and entertainment encouraging early literacy skills through its engaging music and festive spirit; making learning more enjoyable for students.

Resource Format

The Animated Song is available as an MP4 File - suitable for whole class instruction, small group activities or even part of homework assignments.

  • Boldly rendered animation coupled with inventive lyrics ensures high engagement and knowledge retention among students.
  • Rhyming patterns present within the song encourage learners to pick language nuances improving their vocabulary recognition skills over time.

Educational Benefits

  1. Repetitive revision helps reinforce language abilities in a fun way, adding value to traditional methodology instructions.
  2. The shared interest in Santa Claus provides a brilliant opportunity for teachers to introduce or consolidate theme-based knowledge or concepts during the holiday season.

To Sum Up...

The Jolly Old St. Nicholas Animated Song adds versatility to your instructive style – advancing holistic cognitive enhancement effortlessly among eager learners whether you're dealing with an entire classroom or small groups.

What's Included

1 MP4 Animated Song for Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Resource Tags

Christmas Animated song Holiday season Early literacy skills Rhyming patterns

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