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Kids Yoga Bingo Game with Both Picture and Yoga Pose Calling Cards

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About This Product

Kids Yoga Bingo Game with Both Picture and Yoga Pose Calling Cards

Teachers are offered a unique, engaging tool for introducing yoga to children. This product contains sixteen 20-piece jigsaw puzzles, each one colorful, fun, and designed to develop fine motor skills in kids as they learn yoga poses.

Applications for this Teaching Tool:

  • Used during children's yoga classes
  • Mindful moments to help children mentally unwind during breaks or transitions.
  • A useful addition to occupational, physical, or speech therapy sessions where balance and coordination are important.

Fitness Benefits:

The puzzles also provide warm-up activities before sports sessions that help with strength building, muscle tone development and maintenance of flexibility - all while channeling kids' energy effectively!

Beyond Physical Benefits:

This resource does more than keep the young ones physically active. It helps instill confidence while enhancing impulse control. Learning about self-awareness not only encourages mindfulness but also stabilizes their emotions simultaneously!

"The activity is non-judgmental & non-competitive which makes every kid feel valued & accepted irrespective of their comfort levels."
Promoting Discipline:
Practicing these activities aids in boosting memory concentration among the kids adding positively towards mental health.

You can access this product in a PDF file format which makes its deployment quick without any technical hurdles standing your way!

Suitable For:
Whether you're teaching early learning kindergarten students or those up until grade 3!

Uniting Fun and Learning

Once thing's guaranteed through this resource: unlimited fun through learning. Not only are they engaged physically, but emotionally as well when kids discover joy within themselves practicing yoga poses instilled with pure learning excitement.

What's Included

✨ 30 Different Bingo Cards

✨ 16 Yoga Pose Calling Cards

✨ 16 Picture Calling Cards

✨ Optional Decorative Backs for the Calling Cards

Resource Tags

yoga puzzles fine motor skills mindfulness self-awareness

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