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Korean War Gr. 5-8

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History: USA


Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Korean War Gr. 5-8 - A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

The Korean War Gr. 5-8 is a teaching resource targeted for grades 5-to-8. It provides a holistic learning experience about the pivotal history of the Korean War, one of the first major conflicts during the Cold War period.

A Lesson Plan that Makes History Come Alive

This resource arms students with a comprehensive understanding of not only where this conflict took place but also why its influence shouldn't be underestimated. Emphasizing on North and South Korea's geography, it acquaints learners with these regions' cultural and geographic intricacies while shedding light on key historical figures like Harry S. Truman, Joseph Stalin, Kim Il-sung.

  • Social Studies and History USA sub-subjects: Primarily beneficial within group classrooms; equally effective in small groups or as homework assignments.
  • Promotes Individual Interest: Inculcates interest towards multi-dimensional global history events while emphasizing underlying causes that prompted it.
  • Weaving Stories from Ground Zero:The stories are narrated engagingly between '50 to '53, introducing students to realities faced by U.S troops on ground zero at South Korea!

Crafty Learning Tools for Easy Retention

The resource comes equipped with hands-on exercises such as crossword puzzles, word searches, comprehension quizzes which naturally influence learners substantially in retaining their newfound knowledge.

An Easy Access PDF Resource With Answer Keys

In addition to being easily downloadable for perpetual convenience, this tool also comes complemented by an answer key provision facilitating effortless and error-free assessments for educators.

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