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Learn Soft G (as in ginger) and how to add '' to words. Read the story.

An educational teaching resource from Guinea Pig Education entitled Learn Soft G (as in ginger) and how to add '' to words.  Read the story. downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Learn Soft G (as in ginger) and Enhance Reading Skills

Think about the amazing improvement your students could make in their reading skills within a short span of six months. This is the aim of our Learn Soft G (as in ginger) and how to add '' to words teaching resource. It offers interactive tools designed for children as young as 4 especially those still facing reading challenges at ages 7 to 9, children with learning difficulties and those learning English as a foreign language.

About the Resource

The resource is structured into different packs with each focusing on incorporating English's fundamental phonetic sounds - a total of 44 - into stories narrated around an enchanting boy named Sam. These stories are embedded with opportunities for learners to acquaint themselves with these sounds, essentially enabling them to break down roughly 80% of English words into easier-to-read syllables or sounds.

Imagine using this tool during group instruction time, breaking off into smaller clusters, or even assigning it as homework material. Upon completion, they will be ready to independently navigate other texts like Roald Dahl's 'Georges Marvellous Medicine' and 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.

Bonus Activities & Flexibility

  • Learners can further consolidate their understanding through additional fun activities; application exercises involving matching phrases or sentences await them.
  • You wield ultimate control over how you sequence these packs depending on your students' needs – from initial sounds moving onto more intricate ones.
Pack instructions are:
  1. Introduce each sound individually;
  2. Foster discussions by revisiting sentences/stories repeatedly;
  3. Dedicate time to practice each sound until it is familiar.

Language Arts, specifically in the realms of Phonics suited for Early Learning to Grade 1 level. Comes ready-to-use as worksheets in readily accessible PDF format.

Final note: Discover efficiency in teaching phonics with Learn Soft G (as in ginger) and how to add '' to words. Read the story.

What's Included

28 pages

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