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Phonics And Spelling Practice: Learn Soft c And Soft g

Phonics And Spelling Practice: Learn Soft c And Soft g
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Phonics And Spelling Practice: Learn Soft c And Soft g - An Engaging Teaching Resource

This instructional tool is part of the vibrant 'Mission Spelling Zero' scheme. It includes seven levels, each matching a hue of the rainbow, making learning engaging and colorful.

The content centers around an endearing character named Zoggy. He's a computer whiz from another planet and through interaction with him, youngsters can practice initial sounds and progress into more complex phonetic patterns including double consonant blends and vowel digraphs.


  • Hones Reading Skills: The resource promotes reading proficiency as it advances through different levels within the 'Mission Spelling Zero' framework.
  • Boosts Spelling Proficiency: Enhanced phonic skills act as a catalyst paving way for academic growth in multiple facets of learning.
  • Focuses on Handwriting Practice: Contains writing booklets for children to practice penmanship skills. It also assists in composing their first sentences amidst enjoyable games that consolidate what they've learned previously.


The PDF is ideal for kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 classrooms that focus on language arts– especially phonics instruction. Teachers can utilize this worksheet-patterned PDF within whole group or small group contexts or even assign it as homework to provide individualized practice outside school hours.

Fostered by innovative resources such as these creates confident students well-versed in reading comprehension & articulate spelling interesting words– improving daily communication drastically.

With this educational aid suiting diverse necessities; stimulating intellectual curiosity becomes effortless while fortifying linguistic skills simultaneously sparking dormant potential transforming literacy into an enjoyable exploration as opposed to a strenuous chore.

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