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Leif and the Fall Book Companion & Read Aloud Activities for Fall

Leif and the Fall Book Companion & Read Aloud Activities for Fall
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About This Product

Title: Leif and the Fall Book Companion & Read-Aloud Activities for Fall
This teaching resource is a meticulously planned companion to Merrilee Liddiard's book, Leif and the Fall. It is intended for Grade 1-3 educators, aiding them in engaging their students effectively while exploring this delightful fall-themed story.
A key emphasis of this resource lies in its versatility. Activities offered within this package can be utilized according to each student’s unique learning abilities. Not only does it cater to whole group discussions but also enriches small group interactions or individual homework assignments.

Main features:

  • Comprehensive themes: The resource makes teaching integral values such as perseverance, determination, creativity, kindness and friendship seamless as these undeniably resonate with autumn’s spirit.
  • Cognitive challenges: The selection of readings tests students' comprehension skills while encouraging text evidence-based reasoning.
  • Vocabulary enhancement: A stronger understanding of vocabulary is developed alongside various literary concepts like cause-effect relationships through well-curated exercises.

Intricately Designed Activities:

Expect lively classroom sessions full of curiosity with exercises such as 'See Think Wonder'. This and more activities including plot mapping & synonym crosswords are offered within the package.
Moreover, personal expressions are encouraged through initiatives like 'Book Review', furthering children's comprehensive development. It should be noted that this resource does . This product aims to save teachers time spent scouring varied high-level resources while promoting active student engagement. Note: This product is a downloadable PDF only.


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Fall-themed story Reading activities Comprehension skills Character development Vocabulary understanding

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