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Lesson 8.3 - Chemical Reactions

Lesson 8.3 - Chemical Reactions
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About This Product

Lesson 8.3 - Chemical Reactions

This package is designed to enhance the teaching and understanding of four major chemical reactions— synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, and double replacement. This educational resource is vital for public school educators and homeschoolers teaching Science focusing on Chemistry from Grade 6 through Grade 12.

Inclusions in the Package:

  • Fully-loaded Notes: Two versions of worksheets (A & B) are provided. Version 'A' has blanks to promote active learning while 'B' version has filled-out data for those who may be absent or require assistance.
  • Practice Sheet:: Also available in two different versions ('A' & 'B'), helping students apply their knowledge by identifying types of chemical reactions through illustrations and equations.
    • Including a ppt on Objectives & Starter Questions, it presents primary learning goals this lesson targets with sample introductory questions promoting class discussions or homework assignment.
    • Absolute Standards Adherence:: The product strictly adheres to the 2016 Indiana State Standards for Integrated Chemistry & Physics relating specifically to particle diagrams representation, mathematical expression of chemical changes along with differentiation between synthesis, decomposition combustion single replacement double reactions.
    Editability & File Formats:

    All materials related to Lesson 8.3 - Chemical Reactions come as .docx files (Word documents) or .pptx files (PowerPoint presentations). Both these file types are editable ensuring flexibility according based your specific needs requirements . You also have access PDF versions documents preserve original formatting if printing distribution becomes necessary.


    Love teaching science? Consider purchasing the entire Unit 8 bundle which includes all three lessons, a binder divider, test, and quiz. It's comprehensive and cost-effective for your chemistry students.

    Your tool is only as good as you make it! So dive in, take advantage of this educational resource and make chemistry come alive in your classroom!

What's Included

Note: all files included in this resource come as a .docx file (or a .pptx file for PowerPoints) and a .pdf file. The .docx files may be edited to your preferences as long as you have a version of Microsoft Word or a similar word processor that supports the .docx file type. The .pptx files may be edited to your preferences as long as you have a version of Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar presentation software that supports the .pptx file type. The .pdf files are non-editable but can be opened using any PDF viewing software, like Adobe Reader. Please make sure you have software capable of opening and/or editing the files before purchasing and downloading.

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