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Let's Learn About Different Genres Of Story (Age 7-11)

Let's Learn About Different Genres Of Story (Age 7-11)
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Let's Learn About Different Genres Of Story (Age 7-11)

This teaching resource is designed to spark creativity and encourage young learners aged between 7 and 11 to delve into various writing genres. It provides educational prompts, innovative starting points, engaging formats, and a wide range of writing activities.

An Exciting Layout:

The 'magazine style' layout with vibrant illustrations captures children’s interests across all levels of proficiency, thereby enhancing their communication abilities in various modes.

Diverse Genres:

  • Fiction & Non-fiction,
  • Persuasive leaflet writing, often overlooked yet critical skill amenability for addressing contemporary global issues,
  • In addition to crafting exciting letters, diaries & reports.
Focused on Structure:


The pack comes with keen focus on structural components such as sentence variation, effective use of connectives along with grammar and punctuation tips. These elements are intertwined throughout the units providing students a rich literary platform stimulating story development as well as personal growth.""

Versatile Usage:
" "

This resource is not only great for individual home study but can also be effectively used by teachers for whole-group instruction or small-group classroom/virtual activities. Portions may also be assigned as homework so that it reinforces prior classroom discussions.

Note: It does not need to be used sequentially allowing greater flexibility in teaching curriculum. Finally,it comes with ease-of-use features like compatibility over different platforms via its PDF format making it user-friendly whether using offline or online. In conclusion, listed below are the several benefits provided by this resource:
  • Targeted practice opportunities covering Language Arts fundamentals,
  • Engaging for children between Grades 3 to 6 (i.e., age: 7-11),
  • Fosters improved writing skills helping develop fondness towards it,
  • Saves valuable preparation time for educators without compromising learning standard.


What's Included

30 pages

Resource Tags

story genreswriting activitiescreativityliterary journeyteaching resource

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