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Letter Boxes: Letter Road Center

An educational teaching resource from The Proactive Classroom entitled Letter Boxes: Letter Road Center downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Letter Boxes: Letter Road Center

A valuable teaching resource designed to bolster student understanding of uppercase and lowercase letters. This digital supplement offers educators a unique, interactive way to engage young learners. Constructed with simplicity and convenience in mind, it includes a 54-page printable PDF file packed with letter road cards plus two options for title cover art for the bin storing the cards.

How to Use

  • Print, cut, and laminate the provided cards.
  • Add a toy car and dry-erase marker into each box for an exciting exploration journey.
  • You may also incorporate small transportation-themed erasers or counters to increase engagement.

The versatility of Letter Boxes: Letter Road Center makes it easily fit into thematic units like cars, transportation around the world, or any travel adventures planned throughout the school year. When students physically trace letter roads with toy cars before tracing and writing them, they develop muscle memory & dexterity. This strengthens their ability to identify different letters.

Inclusive Learning Setting

This resource can be an effective intervention tool catering differently-abled students' needs or those needing extra assistance mastering their letters. Whether used during whole group study periods or divided among smaller groups during center activities and homework assignments; this is a comprehensive pre-reading activity designed for early learning stages right through kindergarten level.

Your journey into enhanced student literacy awaits courtesy of Letter Boxes: Letter Road Center!

What's Included

1 PDF with 54 usable pages

Resource Tags

interactive learning letter recognition motor skills pre-reading literacy

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