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Letter Boxes: Letter Hunt Center

An educational teaching resource from The Proactive Classroom entitled Letter Boxes: Letter Hunt Center downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The Letter Boxes: Letter Hunt Center

An excellent 54-page printable PDF resource designed to assist young learners in recognizing and understanding the alphabet. Each of its 26 pages features penguin-themed cards both in color and black & white.

Ideal for Early Stages of Learning

  • Early Learning
  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten

This tool serves as a reinforcement for language arts curriculums, particularly those with a pre-reading emphasis. It can be used in full classroom sessions, smaller groups or even individual assignments.

Penguin-Themed Alphabet Cards: The Fun Way to Learn!

Cheerful penguins camouflaging alphabets on their bodies attract students’ attention. With these cards processed at random, kids have to locate the letter then trace it using a dry erase marker before flipping over the card to confirm if they traced correctly.

Bonus Benefits:
  1. Visual stimulation from entertaining penguin designs.
  2. Fine motor skills development through letter tracing activity..
Setting Up is Easy:
  • Select whether you want color or black&white printouts of these cards..
  • Cut out along the dotted lines provided on each page...
  • Fold your cut-outs along solid lines so that answers end up on reverse side of each>.
    Prolonged Use: A Smart Investment

    Laminating your printed cards before use will sustain them over an extended period. All that’s needed later for continued play are dry erase markers and erasers.

    Enhance Your Educational Toolkit!

    The Letter Boxes: Letter Hunt Center— a trusted aide in your students' early literacy journey.

  • What's Included

    1 PDF with 54 usable pages

    Resource Tags

    letter hunt penguin theme fine motor skills early literacy tracing

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