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Letter C Counting to 10 Centers

An educational teaching resource from The Connett Connection entitled Letter C Counting to 10 Centers downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Letter C Counting to 10 Centers

Letter C Counting to 10 Centers is a powerful teaching aid, adept at instilling early math skills in preschool and kindergarten students. This center hones their ability to recognize the lowercase letter 'C', number recognition up to 10, and counting proficiency using tens frames. It's highly versatile, enabling utilisation for math centers, matching centers, small group activities, morning work exercises or as an element in emergency substitute teacher plans.

Quick Assessment Aid

Gauges student abilities such as recognising amounts when depicted in a tens frame while reinforcing alphabet identification focused on the letter C. Cultivates fine motor skills promoting precision.

Minimal Preparation Required

To prepare these activities just print out the four-page packet, cut out individual items and laminate if necessary. The beach-themed design promotes continuous usage without losing appeal or educational learning.

Promoting Interactive Learning

In addition to paving way for independent problem-solving it also promotes collaboration when executed in groups. For a more immersive experience manipulatives can be included for pupils to physically engage with each portion of content they count.

The Contents of this Pack Include:

  • Candle-themed number cards from one through ten
  • Lowercase ‘c’ framed boxes designed specifically for matching against these numerical cards
In conclusion,The Letter C Counting Center presents numerous benefits combining alphabet familiarity and numeric recognition making it an indispensable asset within early-education pedagogy.

What's Included

There are 4 total pages in this packet that include:

* Candle number cards from one to ten

* Lowercase letter a tens frames for matching with the number cards

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