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Letter M Cut and Paste Worksheets

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These cut and paste worksheets for the letter M are great for letter recognition and beginning sounds. They are a quick and easy activity to give students who need practice with recognizing the letter M from amongst other letters or for those students who need extra practice distinguishing between the initial sounds in words. It is a great resource for students to practice recognizing the letter, or to evaluate students on their knowledge of the letter and its sound at the beginning of words.

These cut and paste worksheets are perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners who are working on identifying the most common initial /m/ sound in words as well as students who are learning to recognize the letter M in both capital and lowercase form.

There are 3 different worksheets for students to use to practice the letter M

  • * Sorting letters that are the letter M from letters that are not the letter M

    • * Cut and paste page where students will glue the pictures that begin with the letter M on the map.

    • * Sorting page where students will look through various forms of print and cut out examples of the letter and sort by capital letters and lowercase letters.

    • These alphabet worksheets can be used in the following ways

    • * Literacy centers

    • * Fine motor skills centers

    • * Small group activities

    • * Homework

    • * Morning work

    • * Emergency sub plans

  • Skills assessed with these letter M worksheets

  • * Letter M Recognition

  • * Initial Sound of the letter M

  • * Cutting skills

  • * Fine Motor Skills

  • Three of the worksheets are print and go. You only need to add scissors and glue. The other worksheet is low prep, as you need to gather printed materials for students to cut out examples of the letters in addition to scissors and glue.

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