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Letter M Seek and Find Worksheets

Letter M Seek and Find Worksheets
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About This Product

With these Letter M Seek and Find Worksheets, students will practice recognizing words that begin with the letter M while counting tally marks and identifying color words with these seek and find worksheets. Students will love being able to practice math skills and reading color words while using images they already know.

What is Included:

  • * 1 find and tally worksheets in color

  • * 1 find and tally worksheet in black and white

  • * 1 find and color worksheet

To complete the find and color worksheet, students will read the color word by each picture. They will color all the images that match the picture the color indicated in the key. To complete the count and tally worksheets, students will count all the occurrences of a given picture and then mark their counting with tally marks in the boxes provided next to the appropriate picture. All images on each worksheet begin with the letter M.

  • When to Use

  • * Literacy Center

  • * Math Center

  • * Morning Work

  • * Emergency Sub Plans

  • * Small Group Activity

  • * Independent Activity

  • * File Folder Activity

Skills Assessed

  • * Beginning Sounds

  • * Matching Like Pictures

  • * Reading Color Words

  • * Counting Pictures in a Random Order

  • * Making and Counting Tally Marks

  • * Fine Motor Skills

    These worksheets are no prep. Teachers simply need to print the pages and hand them to the students to complete. To make the find and color page more interesting, teachers may give students colored dot markers to complete the worksheet. The count and tally pages can be laminated to make a write and whip activity for students to use over and over. The count and tally pages can also be placed inside a file folder for easy set up and clean up.

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