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Letter M Dab It Worksheets

Letter M Dab It Worksheets
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These dab it worksheets for the letter M are great for practice letter recognition for both the capital and lowercase letter M. Students use bingo dabbers or dot markers to complete this quick and easy activity which gives students practice with recognizing the letter M from amongst other letters or for those students who need extra practice distinguishing between the capital and lowercase letter M. These alphabet worksheets are suitable for preschool and kindergarten students who are learning how to recognize and identify the letter M.

There are 3 different worksheets for students to use to practice recognizing the letter M

  • * One capital letter M page to mark all the capital letter Ms.

  • * One lowercase letter M page to mark all the lowercase letter Ms.

  • * One letter M page where students must distinguish between the capital and lowercase letter Ms.

  • There are several ways that students can complete these dab it pages. They can use bingo dabbers, dot markers, stickers, markers or crayons, or stamps to mark the correct letter. Teachers can provide a variety of methods for students to choose how they wish to complete the alphabet pages. These pages can also be laminated and the correct letter marked with mini erasers or dry erase markers for a reusable literacy activity.

    • These alphabet worksheets can be used in the following ways

    • * Literacy centers

    • * Fine motor centers

    • * Independent practice

    • * Small group activities

    • * Homework

    • * Morning work

    • * Emergency sub plans

  • Skills assessed with these letter M worksheets

  • * Letter M Recognition

  • * Distinguishing between the capital letter M and the lowercase letter M

  • * Distinguishing the letter M from amongst other letters

  • * Fine Motor Skills

  • * Hand-Eye Coordination

  • These worksheets are print and go. Teachers only need to add the desired method of marking the correct letter to have a fun, engaging way for students to practice letter recognition.

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